We have experience in several global as well as local SAP Payroll implementations and acknowledge that SAP Payroll is the one of the strongest solutions in the marketplace. There has been a lot of innovation in the human capital management space over the past several years however we are yet to come across a solution that has the depth and global functionality that SAP offers.

Global Solution

SAP Global Payroll implementationSAP offers Payroll solutions for 50 countries covering their specific legal requirements and common, local business practices. They offer partner solutions which are delivered and maintained by partners for another 33 countries. Each solution has country specific master data, payroll and reporting. Overall SAP supports 30+ languages.


It is estimated that 7000 customers are paying 45 to 50 Million people using SAP Payroll. Due to ever changing tax and legal updates, customers find it advantageous to use SAP payroll, especially when these changes must be made at short notice. We recognise from our worldwide implementation how dynamic this process can be and SAP consistently implements these important changes shortly after the various governments announce them. Failure to do this would mean employees of Fortune 500 companies would be paid incorrectly.

The Browline Advantage Future Proof Implementation of SAP HCM

As well as carrying a wealth of experience in the field of SAP HCM implementation, we are also well versed with the most common post go-live problems faced by organisations. We fine tune our implementation systems to ensure the most seamless cutovers and future-proof HCM implementation for your organisation. Our highly-matured data management practices enable us to organise all critical and valuable documentation related to process flows, business process guides, configuration documents functional and technical specification documents, and acceptance testing documents. At the end of the implementation Browline will equip you with a high-value database of documents that capture all implementation details and user guides.


SAP Payroll implementation SAP Payroll functionalities are highly customizable and robust. SAP provides organizations with comprehensive payroll functionalities to support the following:

  • Essential core payroll functions.
  • Direct deposit and transfers.
  • Off-cycle payrolls.
  • Retroactive adjustments.
  • Calculation of averages.
  • Assessment of time data.
  • Loans.
  • Garnishments.
  • Finance Posting and Payslip Printing
  • Year-end processing.


It is commonly known that Workday has a partnership with Northgate Arinso euHReka for their Multi-Country Payroll, but what isnt known is that euHReka uses the SAP Payroll global solution as their core. Workday does have other global payroll provider partners that they use so its not their sole source situation.

The SAP Global payroll solution is robust and we believe a large competitive advantage for SAP. Given the local rules and regulations along with the high-profile nature of making accurate payments, it is a complex undertaking to roll out a new country offering which will be able to support mid and large enterprises.

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