SAP Corporate Training

We offer Corporate IT training in an instructor-led hands-on environment, ensuring that each participant gains knowledge that can be directly applied on the job or in preparation for industry. Our wide range of flexible training delivery solutions are tailored to individual client requirements and our options include: scheduled courses, dedicated courses, on-Site courses and customised courses.

SAP Corporate Training Browline have the ability to customise the course content to your need and thereby optimizing your return of investment in your training. We offer flexible delivery options for all of our instructor led training to meet clients requirements.

Browline courses can be conducted onsite at your facilities or anywhere in the world. We can roll out any combination of courses at one or more locations, according to your requirements and timetable. If you need swift training, we can tailor the course! We will create course content that aligns with your training objectives; on-site training is also available. On-site training is cost effective and by having an instructor dedicated to your organisation it gives your employee the confidence to discuss issues while minimising time away from the office.

We offer courses specifically for your requirements. If you have a training requirement for multiple employees and you wish to focus on your company’s specific environment, this is a great option for you.

We have a comprehensive schedule offering courses at regular intervals for your convenience. Please contact us to obtain our schedule for upcoming programmes.

Browline instructors/consultants are recognised as experts in their field and are providing the highest quality of training in the industry. Each of our instructors/consultants has the experience to solve your issues.

SAP Consultant Trainee Program

Browline Consulting offer potential candidates interested in a SAP career a structured recruitment program.

The business requirements of our clients and partners are always evolving as they continue to maintain competitive advantage in the market. Also, the SAP market is continuously changing with the release of new SAP functionality and processes. Therefore, it is always challenging for our clients and partners to find the right people with appropriate SAP knowledge and practical skill sets.

SAP ERP TrainingAt Browline Consulting, we provide comprehensive SAP training to ensure all our consultants are trained to meet the demands of the evolving SAP market environment. Our new joiners will be trained with current and latest SAP skills that help them to build a successful SAP career and be considered as a leading expert in SAP technologies.

All of our training is offered by SAP professionals with over 20 years' experience who are currently practicing as SAP consultants in the market. Our training course is consistently revised to offer the latest teaching material and methodology for success in the current SAP market.

We have successfully trained and developed SAP consultants from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures who are enjoying a challenging and rewarding SAP career.