SAP has been at the forefront of Human Resource Info System technologies right from the beginning of the ERP wave. With the reputation and trust enjoyed by SAP HCM modules, it is natural that the next gen SAP SuccessFactors is already seeing many takers, and promises to transform the HR journey for global organisations. SAP SuccessFactors helps you manage, track, and grow your HR functions, right from hiring and recruitment to talent management, from payroll to compliance. At Browline, we help you make sense of the massive waves of technological advancement being made by SAP through SuccessFactors.

What We Do

HRIS ImplementationBrowline is among the most recognised SAP services, with advanced capabilities in implementing SAP SuccessFactors. Our service bouquet encompasses Greenfield SAP SuccessFactors implementations, multi country roll outs, post go-live support, and short term projects.

In our Greenfield implementation projects, we deliver time bound, predictable and organisation focused SAP SuccessFactors implementations, at reasonable costs. We leverage our domain expertise and experience to devise the best implementation strategy for your organisation, and maximize the use of proprietary tools and methodologies that help speed track the implementation.

Dealing with post go-live challenges is just a part and parcel of the way we envisage our SuccessFactors support; we are more about ensuring that you extract value out of the vast range of functionalities of SAP SuccessFactors. Trust our consultants to have a keen eye for understanding your organisation HR processes, aligning them to the best practices in the business and mapping them on to SuccessFactors.

With roll outs and short projects, we give you the best of our SAP SuccessFactors talent, and help you cover the gaps left in your organisation HRIS implementations. Plus, we help you understand and get the benefits of underused SAP SuccessFactors functionalities for your organisation HR functions.

Our release management processes are built around the tenets of timeliness, integration, and accuracy. Trust us to organize and deliver SAP SuccessFactors implementation of any size and scale.

Browline SAP SuccessFactors Implementations - Empowering Your organisation HR Functions

Trust Browline to guide you through the critical project planning phase, where you contemplate which SAP SuccessFactors functionalities map on to your existing processes, and which need significant customisations. Our experience of having implemented SAP SuccessFactors at several organisations with HR as a critical function not only enables us to SuccessFactors Implementationspeed track the implementation for your organisation, but also helps us empower you with our knowledge of known issues, best practices, systems and processes that go a long way towards ensuring a timely and successful implementation.

Process orientation, and differentiated knowledge management practices are key differentiators for Browline. In any SAP Success factor implementation, we are focused towards enforcing error-proof processes that help keep tight control over the project progress. Plus, we adopt SAP best practices and knowledge management best practices at every project stage, to thoroughly and uniformly document all details of the implementation, right from a strategic standpoint to a project phase level details.

Why Choose Browline

Over numerous years, Browline has built a strong reputation of having an in-depth knowledge of SuccessFactors. We deploy teams of certified SAP SuccessFactors configurators and HR domain experts to ensure our clients receive a technological solution that is as functionally versatile as it is technically brilliant. At Browline, we take an engaged approach to help you understand the software and also the many benefits of SAP SuccessFactors. The inherent functionalities of SAP SuccessFactors, when delivered through a Browline implementation project, ensures that our corporate and municipal clients can transform how their organisation's HR functions operate .