Browline SAP SuccessFactors Training Empowering HR Consultants for the Future

The SAP service-scape is an evolving force. Consultants with strong basic understanding of SAP technology, and the foresight to update their skills in sync with the digital transformations SAP is bringing to the ERP market are well-placed to be right at the top of the food chain, with organisations willing to hire niche consultants for above-average salaries.

The SAP SuccessFactors Wave And How Browline Helps You Ride Aboard?

SAP SuccessFactors is witnessing increasing adoption as a cloud enabled, wholesome and end to end Human Resources Capital Management Solution for medium and large sized organisations across industry verticals. This has triggered a distinct wave of high end and advanced SAP SuccessFactors training need in the market. At Browline, we take you onboard this wave, help existing SAP HRM consultants scale up for SuccessFactors and train new SAP enthusiasts to quickly come up to speed for SAP SuccessFactors.

Browline Cutting Edge SAP SuccessFactors Training Design

SuccessFactors Training Browline's uniquely designed and conceptualized SAP Success Factor training courses encompass overview sessions, followed by beginner level and advanced courses that explore the depths of HR analytics, SAP JAM, core HR functionalities, and talent solutions. Plus, we cover the fundamentals of business execution (comprising workforce analytics and workforce planning, fusing into workforce intelligence).

SAP SuccessFactors leverages the cloud empowered SaaS platform (Software as a Service), and delivers the best HR solutions, that are way too sophisticated compared to traditional SAP HCM offerings. In sync with this, our SuccessFactors trainings include introduction to Mastery, basics of cloud architecture, SuccessFactors provisioning, compensation management, and performance management.

Browline's SAP SuccessFactors Training - Who All Can Benefit?

At Browline, we understand the market of SAP products better than most, and align our trainings to enable consultants to become relevant for the most coveted SAP Functional and technical roles in leading organisations. In sync with these principles, we have designed our courses to be relevant for SAP beginners, people with domain experience in HR, people with experience in payroll management, recruitment professionals, and SAP consultants looking to get certified. Browline SAP SuccessFactors trainings cut past the basics, and explore the depths of the advanced cloud-enabled HCM tool that set to be the future of HR information systems and HC technologies. We have optimised our advanced SAP SuccessFactors trainings to deliver the maximum advantage and value to candidates with 3 to 4 years of experience in SAP HR.

The Browline Advantage

With Browline SAP Success Factor training, we strive to give you a definite advantage over your counterparts. By leveraging cutting edge training methods, regularly updated course material, and delivering training around SAP best practice guidelines focused on SuccessFactors, we help consultants scale up quickly and in a wholesome manner. We deploy trainers with 10+ years of domain experience to help you understand SAP SuccessFactors with a business and HR perspective.

At Browline, all our consultant trainins is focused at enabling participants to understand SAP modules from the core, so that they can comfortably handle implementations across industry verticals.